The Rebound Therapy Institute

The Rebound Therapy Institute is the international membership network and information sharing facility for Rebound Therapy trainers.

Membership of the RTI is available to all who hold a genuine up to date Rebound Therapy qualification.

Fellowship is available to all who hold a genuine up to date Rebound Therapy qualification and have completed two CPD follow-on courses or achieved the Tutor Level 1 qualification.

Click here for a definition of qualification levels. (These relate to the UK. There may be slight variations in your country. Contact us for advice if necessary.)

Costs of membership: 
Membership and Fellowship of the Rebound Therapy Institute is without charge.
It is paid for by who are the founding organisation, UK governing body and international consultancy for Rebound Therapy.
Membership and Fellowship is automatically in place for all who have successfully completed an approved Rebound Therapy training course or refresher workshop within the previous three years, subject to agreement to uphold and abide by the values of the constitution.


Benefits of membership:

  • Unlimited access, by email, to advice connected with the running of Rebound Therapy sessions in your school, club or centre
  • Access to a vast network of professionals experienced and qualified in Rebound Therapy for the sharing of ideas and experiences
  • Access to members’ area of the Rebound website with supporting resources for trainers and publications and research papers relating to Rebound Therapy (* See notes below for access information)
  • The opportunity to publish your own papers on the Rebound website for other members to read
  • Relevant information updates by email
  • The right to use the 'approved' logo on your paperwork (available on request via email)
  • The right to use the letters MRTI after your name. (Members)
  • The right to use the letters FRTI after your name. (Fellows)
  • Automatic membership of the NASC - The National Association of Sports Coaches and the right to also use the letters NASC after your name.
    A personalised NASC membership certificate and woven cloth membership badge is also available. Please click on the NASC link (directly above) for information on how to obtain these.


* To access the 'RTI Members and Trainers login' area of the Rebound website:
Successful candidates on Rebound Therapy training courses held in the UK are issued with a certificate which bears the signature of the founder (E.G. Anderson) or a validation number. The validation number will allow you access to the 'RTI members and trainers login' area of the Rebound website. If you do not have a validation number on your certificate, you can request one by clicking on this link


"The principles of Rebound Therapy form the basis of all gymnastic movement and are therefore the logical and advisable starting point for trampoline coach training – even for those who have no intention of teaching people with disabilities."



Protectivity, UK based independent insurance brokers provide a specialist liability insurance for qualified Rebound Therapy practitioners. They also provide insurance for coaches of virtually all sports, as well as clubs and leisure facilities. 



Latest News

Earwig educationEarwig who provide the award winning revolutionary assessment software for teachers, have now developed a software package to enable teachers to EVIDENCE, ASSESS and REPORT on the progress of each student using the Rebound Therapy development programme. This link will give you more information:

They have also produced a Winstrada Online Assessment Tool which accommodates Rebound Therapy, Trampolining and Gymnastics. For more information about the Winstrada Online Assessment Tool, please use this link:



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