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We provide 'in-house' STAFF TRAINING COURSES throughout the UK at the request of schools, NHS groups, adult groups, leisure centres, clubs and charity agencies.

We also run regular open courses at various centres throughout the UK

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An international service is also provided to set up training facilities in other countries.

What is Rebound Therapy? Briefly, it is the phrase that describes the specific 'Eddy Anderson model' of exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs.

It is more than special needs trampolining; Rebound Therapy can provide a huge number of potential benefits.

The training course teaches logical progressions of movement patterns designed to encourage the student to continually develop whilst at the same time experiencing healthy exercise and enjoyment.
For these reasons, the Rebound Therapy training course is widely accepted as the logical starting point for trampoline coach training - even for those who do not intend to work with disabilities.
The training course has been continually developing since it was first introduced in 1972 and is recognised both nationally in the UK and abroad.
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"Having a dozen of my staff trained as Rebound Therapy trainers was the most effective training expenditure I have ever commissioned, in terms of measurable outcome from my students."
Head Teacher

"...... pupils would benefit from more regular access to this outstanding provision."
Ofsted report

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Who can provide Rebound Therapy? Anyone, regardless of profession, who has completed the training course run by a validated tutor, may use the phrase to describe sessions they run for their students / clients.
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Eddy Anderson
Rebound Therapy was founded in 1972 by Eddy Anderson MSRG, MCSP, Cert Ed. This website offers the genuine, internationally recognised Rebound Therapy training course which has been continually developed by Eddy and his team, and is approved by AfPE's Professional Development Board. The course is also accredited by CYQ (Central YMCA Qualifications) and is an Ofqual registered qualification.

This website exists to to offer training courses and to provide an opportunity for those with an interest in Rebound Therapy to find information and share their experiences.

Please feel free to contact us with any relevant papers you would like published on this site and with all your comments, observations and questions.

Eddy Anderson MCSP, Cert Ed - The founder of Rebound Therapy and inventor of the Sensafloat hydrotherapy aid

Eddy Anderson and the team of Rebound Therapy training course providers and staff can be contacted via this site.


The Rebound Therapy training course is a CYQ Level 2 accredited course and is on the Ofqual register of regulated qualifications.

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