CPD / CEU Courses and Workshops

All the courses and workshops listed below are either run by ReboundTherapy.org or run by other training organisations with 'approved training provider' status having been granted by ReboundTherapy.org

All are available in-house and as open courses



THE 'REBOUND PLUS' course is a two day add-on module for those who have already completed the Level 2 Rebound Therapy training course.

IT IS DESIGNED to equip candidates to help their more able students progress beyond Rebound Therapy and start the transition into mainstream trampolining exercises. The course covers grades 4 to 8 of the Winstrada trampoline development scheme and, although it is a special needs trampoline course, it is also suitable for teaching mainstream beginners. For more information, emai linfo@reboundtherapy.org
If you are happy to travel, contact more than one provider.



THIS IS A two day add-on module to the 'Rebound Plus' coaching course. It is intended for those who want to progress their trampoline teaching / coaching skills further and wish to coach mainstream recreational trampolining. The workshop covers grades 9 and 10 of the Winstrada trampoline development scheme. The 'Beyond Rebound' course is step 3 of 3 on the Gymnastics (Inclusion) UK pathway to recreational trampoline coaching. Pre-requisites for this course: The candidate must have completed the Rebound Therapy course and completed the 'Rebound Plus' add-on module with validation to grade 8.

THIS TRAMPOLINE COACHING course is provided by partners of ReboundTherapy.org: Jump Space in the North of England, Springfit Academy in the South, and YLi Training in the West Country, Midlands and the East.. Courses are scheduled in accordance with demand. If you would like to attend a Beyond Rebound course please contact Jump Space on info@jumpspace.org.uk, Springfit Academy on academy@springfit.org or YLi Training on info@ylitraining.co.uk
If you are happy to travel, contact more than one provider.


THIS IS A one day workshop for Rebound Therapy practitioners to specialise their skill with pre-school age children from 0 to 5 years. Pre-requisites for this course: The candidate must have completed the accredited Rebound Therapy course.

If you would like to attend a Pre-School Rebound Therapy workshop, contact the organiser direct: David Tully on daveytully@hotmail.com


FLEXI-BOUNCE THERAPY is the specific programme of use of an orthopaedic quality rebounder as the ideal complement to Rebound Therapy.

Flexi-Bounce Therapy can be provided on a daily basis in the classroom, or at home, in between the students' usual Rebound Therapy sessions.

It can also be provided as a stand alone activity.

The training course is provided in house for schools who have a number of staff who require the training, and is also provided as an online course for individuals and small groups..

Contact info@reboundtherapy.org for more information on in house courses.


For further information on Flexi-Bounce Therapy, including equipment suppliers and equipment with training course packages, please visit: www.Flexi-BounceTherapy.org


THE ONE DAY ACCREDITED EMERGENCY FIRST AID AT WORK course for up to 12 people per day covers theory and many practicals including scene survey, legal obligations, unconscious casualty, CPR, AED, Choking, Seizures, Bleeding, Minor Wounds and Injuries, Quiz and a multiple choice paper.
The information you will receive is up to date and in line with Ofqual Qualification Regulations and will give you confidence and the necessary information for you to act quickly and effectively in an emergency. All courses can include other aspects, for example Anaphylaxis / Use of Tourniquets etc.
Other First Aid courses are available.
For more information visit the YLi Training website or email: info@ylitraining.co.uk