The Rebound Therapy team comprises:

Eddy Anderson - "The Godfather"

Eddy Anderson Eddy Anderson - Founder of Rebound Therapy and senior consultant.

Eddy is recognised as the founder, or as he is affectionately known, “The Godfather” of Rebound Therapy.

Eddy has been a paratrooper, a specialist exercise therapist in the RAF, a remedial gymnast, a physiotherapist and a qualified teacher before becoming the headmaster of Springwell Special Needs school where he developed the techniques for using the trampoline for therapeutic exercise for children with special needs.

Now retired from teaching, Eddy continues his work in Rebound Therapy by running training courses at the request of schools, NHS groups, adult groups and charity agencies. He has written several papers on Rebound Therapy, some of which are reproduced on this site in the "Papers and Publications" section. Other papers from a wide range of professionals experienced in Rebound Therapy are available on request as recommended supporting papers to those who have completed a staff training course.
Please feel free to contribute your own views, papers, dissertations etc. for others to share.

Eddy is also the inventor of Sensafloat which is a unique special needs swimming support and floatation aid. It is used to facilitate relaxation and movement in water for people with profound and multiple impairments. The product was developed in the early 1990s and in 1993 Eddy won the Toshiba / CBI Invention of the Year award for the design.
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Paul Vernon Kaye

Paul V Kaye - Chairman, Level 3 international course tutor and consultant.

Paul was a gymnast and trampolinist and took his first coaching course in 1977 at the age of 18.
He spent many years as a freelance mainstream and disabilities coach for schools and clubs.

In 1993, he and Shirley founded the Saturn V Rebound Hall in Caterham, Surrey which is a specialist centre for disability trampolining and Rebound Therapy. The centre grew rapidly and within a year became the first full time centre of its kind in the UK.

Paul and Shirley are also the founders (1992) of the Saturn V Association of Gymnastic and Trampolining Clubs.

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Shirley Kaye

Shirley Kaye - Financial Secretary, Level 3 international course tutor and consultant.

Shirley was an international trampolinist and has been a coach since 1983.

She and Paul joined forces in the early 90's and founded the Saturn V (pronounced Saturn five) Rebound Hall - a specialist centre for disability trampolining and Rebound Therapy.
Shirley is also joint founder with Paul of the Saturn V Association of Gymnastic and Trampolining Clubs.

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Shirley and Paul joined forces with Eddy Anderson in 2006 in order to help further the work of Rebound Therapy - both in the UK and further afield. This has included the development of the website, the Huddersfield Functional Index, and to further encourage the coalition between health professionals and sports professionals in accommodating and providing interventions and activities for people with disabilities.


Marie Fisher

Marie Fisher - Level 2 course tutor.

Marie has been coaching and participating in trampolining for over 30 years and has been working in disability sport for well over 20 years. This work includes a seven year period as National Disability Officer for British Gymnastics.

Marie runs an inclusive trampolining and Rebound Therapy club in Stockport, Cheshire and a charity called Jump Space which promotes physical activity for disabled people through Rebound Therapy and Trampolining activity.
Marie joined the Rebound Therapy team in July 2009.

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Lois Brooks

Lois Brooks - Resources and Quality Assurance Director

Lois is a Rebound Therapy trainer, trampoline coach and has vast experience of working in a practical, administrative and management capacity with learning disabilities and other special needs.

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Justine Abraham

Justine Abraham - Level 2 course tutor.

Justine has been involved in trampolining for over 40 years; as a competitor, coach, judge and course tutor. She had the honour of coaching the GB Disability Trampoline Squad for 7 years and has been coaching people with disabilities for over 20 years.

Justine is the founder of, and consultant for, Just Jump Trampolining - a Southampton based club that provides Rebound Therapy and Trampolining for adults, children and teens with disabilities.
Justine joined the Rebound Therapy team in 2015.

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Rachel Silk

Rachel Silk - Level 2 course tutor.

Rachel is a physiotherapist based near Edinburgh. Since graduating in 2010, she has worked in the charity sector and within welfare to work, as well as condition management and MSK in New Zealand. She is keen to help more people utilise the many benefits of Rebound Therapy.
Rachel is also enthusiastic about the sport of trampolining. She joined the Rebound Therapy team in 2016

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Anne-Sonia King

Anne-Sonia King - Level 2 course tutor.

Anne-Sonia is the head coach of Greenwich Bouncers Trampoline Academy - a fully inclusive club that provides Rebound Therapy and trampolining for children and adults of all levels of ability.
She has worked with children, young people and adults with disabilities for many years in various senior roles, including independent living manager for Greenwich Mencap, and disability development co-ordinator for a youth centre.
Anne-Sonia joined the Rebound Therapy team in 2016.

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Anna King


Anna King - Level 2 course tutor.

Anna King is the director of Regis Gymnastics Club in Bognor Regis where they run open Rebound Therapy sessions for care homes and individuals, as well as providing mainstream trampolining and gymnastics for the local community.
Anna has been a gymnastics coach and mainstream and disability trampoline coach for many years and has great experience with working with all levels of ability.
Anna joined the Rebound Therapy team in 2016

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David Tully

David Tully - Level 2 course tutor.

David works in physiotherapy and holds a BSc in sport and exercise science. He has over ten years’ experience of Rebound Therapy and delivers regular therapeutic sessions to children from pre-school age to eighteen years.
David has experience of training physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, as well as teachers, teaching assistants & support workers.

David joined the Rebound Therapy team as a tutor in 2016

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The Rebound Therapy team arrange and run in-house staff training courses and 'open' courses in Rebound Therapy all over the UK.
They also run courses overseas and work with governing bodies and agencies to help facilitate the setting up of Rebound Therapy centres and training facilities in other countries.
They are happy to assist any student or professional looking for information on Rebound Therapy and can be contacted via this website.




Latest News

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They have also produced a Winstrada Online Assessment Tool which accommodates Rebound Therapy, Trampolining and Gymnastics. For more information about the Winstrada Online Assessment Tool, please use this link:



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