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Eddy Anderson
Inventor of Sensafloat and founder of
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Product Information

Eddy Anderson, the inventor, was part of the Youth Sport Trust 'Elements' development panel. The 'water' element section features hydrotherapy and special needs swimming.

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The GYM-TECH Sensafloat can be used in a variety of different ways.

This special needs teaching aid offers maximum safety for people with severe motor impairment, and can accommodate all ages, weights and needs. The examples below are provided as a guide to help you.




This position shows a transverse support of head and shoulders, allowing the ‘head back’ position and raised pelvis to be achieved







By folding the product in half, a safe position of ‘face down’ can be experienced with extra bouyancy






Using the unit in the ‘rolled log position’ (folded in 3 lengthways) as shown, develops confidence in the face down position while more of the body is in the water






The ‘rolled log’ also allows rotation from front to back to be experienced.







The ‘X’ shape further develops the face down position by varying the amount of support provided





By folding a portion of the unit over, you can create a head rest, providing extra support for the head and making laying on your back on the unit even more comfortable.







The ‘Seated Rolled Log’ is excellent for developing balance










This picture shows an incredibly important benefit of Sensafloat - the user(s) having fun!









For those who have developed a little more confidence in the water, there is the 'Sensatube' which allows a further step towards independence.