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Important Safety and Product Care Instructions.

Sensafloat is a completely unique special needs swimming aid.

Please read this information carefully before using your Sensafloat product and retain for future reference.
Follow these instructions to avoid drowning or potentially serious injury.

  • Enjoy safely. The Sensafloat product is not a lifesaving device.
  • Use only in shallow water, within the depth of the user. Never use in open water.
  • For use under supervision by a trained adult.
  • Never allow diving/jumping onto this product.
  • Do not leave in or near water when not in use.
  • To be used in water only. Avoid contact with hard or abrasive surfaces which may damage the unit.
  • Never store any items on top of the unit.

    BEFORE EACH USE please complete the following checks:
  • Make sure the netting and all stitching is intact, with no loose threads or abrasions.
  • Make sure the balls are free from holes, cracks or indentations.
  • Make sure no foreign items are lodged on or within Hydrobility

    DURING USE please be aware of the following:
  • Users of Sensafloat must be supervised by a trained adult at all times. It should be recognised that every user is individual and the method of use of the product will depend on the needs and abilities of the individual. Use of the product should always be in accordance with the advice of trained personnel.
  • Special care and attention should be exercised when lifting users on and off the unit, or when any user adopts the ‘face down’ position on the product.
  • The rules of the establishment in which Sensafloat is used must be followed at all times. Always obey any instructions given by the lifeguard on duty. In private pools the supervising adult must take a responsible approach, exercising common sense at all times.

    AFTER USE please follow these instructions to prolong the life of your unit.
  • Rinse the product carefully under a cold shower to remove all chemicals.
  • Allow to drain before storing in any bag or container. Place a towel in the bottom of any container to absorb excess moisture during transit.
  • Remove from container as soon as possible for a sufficient period of time to allow the unit to dry completely before re-storing until next use.