Please find below a more detailed description of the Rebound Plus training course

Rebound Plus is the next step for those who have completed the Rebound Therapy training course.  It is a two day add-on module for Rebound Therapy Practitioners, which covers Grades 4 to 8 of the Winstrada development programme. 

Rebound Plus is ideal for those wishing to teach more able individuals with additional needs, and is also perfect for those interested in teaching mainstream beginners.   

If you have students who will soon be ready to progress beyond Grade 3 of the Winstrada development programme and start working on more complex Trampoline exercises, this is perfect for you.

Rebound Plus is also step 2 in the 3-step pathway to recreational trampoline coaching as offered by Authority Sports UK who are the training course and competition division of Gymnastic Britannia

Rebound Plus is suitable for candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, including teachers and teaching assistants, trampoline coaches, gymnastics coaches, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, support staff, trampoline park staff, speech and language therapists, parents, guardians, carers etc. The only pre-requisite for Rebound Plus is completion of the Level 2 Rebound Therapy Practitioners course.

Rebound Plus teaches skills and techniques using a clear, logical and confidence building sequence of progressions, with more steps than are traditionally used in mainstream coaching.  
On completion of this course, candidates will be equipped and validated to confidently teach more complex skills, potentially up to and including Winstrada Trampoline Grade 8 (if the candidate wishes to teach at that level). 
Candidates will understand how to adapt to a student's own pace, for ambulant learners with a variety of sensory, behavioural, communication and other needs.  The course does not necessarily assume verbal communication on the part of the students you may be teaching. 
At the same time, the methods used will suit and appeal to mainstream learners of all ages.

The step-by-step ‘learning by doing’ approach (with safe support techniques and error correction techniques) is a key part of why this course is so effective and so much fun!

For venues which only have a few staff to train, or individuals wishing to attend, we run 'open' Rebound Plus training courses:
Please see all upcoming course dates, venues and costs via the above link. 
We also run Rebound Plus 'in-house' where our Tutor comes to your school, college, gymnastics / trampoline club, leisure centre , trampoline park, day centre or other venue to run the training course for a group of staff.
For more details, including costs and possible dates, please email: or call our friendly office team on tel: 0330 122 5684.

Many course candidates observe after Rebound Plus that they learned more skills than they thought they might, or overcame nerves as a result of this training. 
No trampoline lessons prior to (or since) the Rebound Therapy training course are necessary - please don't worry if you have never learnt any of the exercises from Winstrada Grade 4 and above.  You may just be surprised how much you will learn with the guidance and support of the Rebound Plus Tutor!  Also, the ability to safely support and teach the exercises to students is more important than your own personal performance on the trampoline, so if there are any practical aspects a candidate would rather not take part in, that is perfectly OK.

For candidates completing Rebound Plus as part of the 3-step pathway to recreational trampoline coach training (Rebound Therapy, Rebound Plus and Authority Trampoline courses) you will receive a certificate at each stage and be able to arrange the next step of the programme whenever you are ready.

For those with an existing mainstream Trampoline coaching qualification, moving over to the Rebound Therapy pathway provides the opportunity for you to provide a fully inclusive programme (including activities for pre-school and disabilities).
This pathway supports the widely held view that:

"The principles of Rebound Therapy™ form the basis of all trampoline gymnastic movement and are therefore the logical and advisable starting point for trampoline coach training – even for those who have no intention of teaching people with disabilities."

Although the Winstrada skills themselves as covered on Rebound Plus will be familiar to existing mainstream coaches, there are many additional progressions, techniques and support techniques which these candidates will no doubt find beneficial in classes, particularly when working with young, nervous or adult students.

If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a course, our friendly team will be happy to help.