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  • It is recorded that a basic trampoline-type piece of apparatus was invented in the 19th century by a French neurologist to provide therapy for brain injured children. He named the apparatus the "Trampolino" ("The Diagnosis and Treatment of Speech and Reading Problems - Carl H. Delacato -1963)
    The folding sports trampoline with which everyone is familiar was invented by George Nissen in the 1930s. (Wikipedia)
  • 1972 - 1979 Eddy Anderson; Remedial Gymnast and teacher, then deputy headteacher (Leeds Education Authority) introduced Rebound Therapy and began the development of staff training courses
  • 1979 - 1990- As headteacher in Cleveland LEA at Springwell School (age range 2 - 19) and finally at Catcote School (age range 11 - 19) Eddy Anderson developed Rebound Therapy as a staff development unit course. During this phase, recorded reports were generated by the Sports Council, and the Schools Council. Interest was shown by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. Liaison with the British Trampoline Federation was ongoing. Original tutor training courses for CSP and BTF were provided by Eddy
  • 1992: Eddy Anderson with support from Cleveland LEA produced a validated "Train The Trainers" course for Cleveland Special Schools. Co Tutor for this initiative was a senior teacher Lynn Schofield
  • 1993 - Eddy retired from teaching full time to set up his own consultancy. In March 1993 Eddy was awarded the Toshiba "Year of Invention" award in the small business section for his hydrotherapy floatation device. Originally named Float Station, this product is now manufactured and marketed by Gym-Tech.com under the name of Sensafloat. "This invention was the result of continual search for movement facilitators for students with severe and profound disabilities"
  • 1998 - Eddy Anderson formed partnership with Youth Sports Trust to co-produce the "Elements" programme of movement for people with disabilities. Workshops provided nationally
  • 2006 - Eddy Anderson joined forces with pioneer disability sports coaches and founders of the Saturn V association of gymnastic and trampolining clubs, Paul and Shirley Kaye. They formed the 'ReboundTherapy.org' website and consultancy.
  • 2006: Saturn V Rebound Therapy Centre receives Surrey County Council's "Active Surrey" Bronze accreditation award
  • 2007: Centre receives Surrey County Council's "Active Surrey" Silver then Gold accreditation awards
  • 2007: Partnership formed with Winstrada - the Aesthetic Sports Development Foundation
  • 2008 - ReboundTherapy.org courses and resources awarded approved status by the Professional Development Board for Physical Education - a division of afPE
  • 2008 - 2009 Eddy and the team pilot and refine a national "Train the Trainers" (site specific) training course to enable schools and centres to produce a complete protocol for the training, implementation and development of Rebound Therapy sessions specific to the particular needs of their school or centre
  • 2009: Awarded npower "Community Award" for services to disability sport, at the Federation of Disability Sports Organisations' annual sports award event.
  • 2009: Awarded corporate affiliation to the CPD Institute
  • 2009: PDB approved provider status awarded by afPE
  • 2010: Rebound Therapy Institute formed
  • 2010: Partnership working arrangement formed with the English Federation of Disability Sport
  • 2010: Rebound Therapy introduced into Australia and working partnership formed with Gymnastics Australia and GNSW; the New South Wales, Australia governing body for gymnastics
  • 2010: Eddy Anderson presented with the "npower Special Award for Outstanding Achievement" at the FDSO annual sports awards event
  • 2011: United Kingdom SEN trampoline competition and celebration framework introduced
  • 2011: Rebound Therapy introduced into Malaysia and working partnership formed with the Active Mind Child Development Centre in Selangor
  • 2012: Course qualification accepted for membership of NASC (National Association of Sports Coaches)
  • 2012: Training course receives CYQ endorsement
  • 2013: Partnership working arrangement formed with Jump Space Education and Training to deliver a more advanced recreational trampoline coaching course as an add-on module to the Rebound Therapy and Rebound Plus courses, thereby completing a pathway of coaching courses for teachers and coaches who want to teach all levels of abilities
  • 2013: Gymnastics UK approve and recommend the pathway to trampoline coaching via Rebound Therapy
  • 2014: Rebound Therapy introduced into Canada and working partnership formed with 'Reflective Bounce' in Alberta
  • 2016: Rebound Therapy International formed to provide opportunities for training worldwide.
  • 2017: Partnership formed with The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation



Latest News

Earwig educationEarwig who provide the award winning revolutionary assessment software for teachers, have now developed a software package to enable teachers to EVIDENCE, ASSESS and REPORT on the progress of each student using the Rebound Therapy development programme. This link will give you more information: http://freepdfhosting.com/76c7ec5f13.pdf

They have also produced a Winstrada Online Assessment Tool which accommodates Rebound Therapy, Trampolining and Gymnastics. For more information about the Winstrada Online Assessment Tool, please use this link: http://freepdfhosting.com/92c1f4a16d.pdf



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